Restore the Fourth

The path to end unconstitutional bulk surveillance lies with business leaders, making technical and policy changes to protect user data and restore public trust.

Spy Lockout

Current Status

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined a growing chorus of Apple users and shareholders urging Apple to resist unconstitutional surveillance and secure its products.

Recent Activity

On Friday, February 28th at its annual Shareholder meeting Apple’s directors rejected an urgent Floor Proposal from shareholders calling on Apple to use technical methods and other best practices to protect user data. The roomful of shareholders who voted for it still haven’t heard why they were overruled.

This is amid what financial reporters call a deafening silence regarding its serious #gotofail security flaw. Apple users and shareholders expect the best. Why should protecting user data be an exception?

It has become more important than ever for Apple to adopt best practices to earn back user and shareholder trust.